On March 20, 2024, the meeting of the Study Quality Commission took place as scheduled.

The agenda of the meeting was reviewed in accordance with the Cabinet Regulation No. 793 ” Regulations Regarding Opening and Accreditation of Study Fields ” of December 11, 2018, and Cabinet Regulation No. 795 ” Regulations Regarding Licensing of Study Programmes ” of December 11, 2018.

The Study Quality Commission has taken the following decisions:


Higher Education InstitutionStudy FieldLengthTerm
Daugavpils UniversityInformation Technology, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Management, and Computer Science2 years21.03.2026.

Up-to-date information regarding the licensing/ accreditation status of study programmes and study fields is available in the State Education Information System (VIIS) on the AIKA E-platform. *

* The information on the E-platform is updated within 10 business days following the decision made by the Study Quality Commission.