Students participate in the assessment process as experts, observers, and interviewees. Experts from the Student Union of Latvia are also delegated to take part in licensing and accreditation procedures. If you are a student, you can be delegated by the Student Union of Latvia as an expert or observer to take part in on-site assessment visits.

By participating in on-site assessment visits, you will have an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience in quality assessment, as well as broader knowledge of the Latvian higher education system. Participation in an on-site assessment visit is very prestigious. Moreover, your participation will contribute to the quality of Latvian higher education, as well as ensure that our system continues to evolve.

Students also take part in the accreditation visits as interviewees, i.e. as representatives of a higher education institution /study programme to be assessed. Within the accreditation process, each group of experts also interviews the existing students, asking question regarding the study quality and the way it can be improved. This is an opportunity for each student to ensure changes in his or her institution of higher education because experts’ recommendations are binding on institutions of higher education. If you want to know more about participation in such visits, contact students’ self‑governance body of your higher education institution.

In order to delegate an expert, the Student Union of Latvia takes into account, as the primary criterion, previous experience in contribution to the quality of higher education and its assessment. If you do not have such experience, you can gain it by participating in an assessment visit as an observer. More information on how to participate in on-site assessment visits as a student-delegated representative can be found on