The experts group shall prepare the joint report according to the guidelines designed by AIKA “The guidelines for the preparation of the joint report of the experts group for the assessment of higher education institutions/colleges”, assessing the requirements referred to in Paragraph 19 of Cabinet Regulation No. 794 of 11 December 2018 and the criteria referred to in the Guidelines for the preparation of the joint report of the experts group for the assessment of higher education institutions/colleges.

The experts group may use the following key sources of information to prepare its report:

  • application and self-assessment report prepared by the higher education institution/college,
  • information obtained by the experts group during the on-site visit in the higher education institution/college, including information obtained during meetings with administrative and general staff of the higher education institution/college, teaching staff, students, employers and graduates,
  • information on activities of the higher education institution/college provided by the sectoral ministries, certification authorities, the State Education Quality Service, security service, as well as by observers (if such information is available),
  • reports and decisions by the experts for the accreditation of study directions and licensing of study programmes.

When preparing the joint opinion, the experts shall:

  • mutually agree on the evaluation of the criteria and requirements to be assessed, at the same time taking into account Part 1 of the “ Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG);
  • agree on the wording acceptable for all experts. If all experts cannot define common opinion regarding any criterion or requirement, the dissenting opinion shall be indicated in the respective section of the joint report.

Within one month after the on-site visit, the experts group shall send a draft of the joint report to AIKA. AIKA shall review the experts’ report and, if necessary, ask the experts to correct it.

AIKA shall send the experts’ report to the higher education institution/college for their comments on factual errors detected in the joint report (if any).

Within 10 working days after the higher education institution/college submits their comments on factual errors, the experts group may correct the joint report and submit the final version of the report to AIKA.