In view of the development of the Academic Information Centre (AIC) and its department – the Quality Agency for Higher Education (AIKA) at international level, a new visual identity has been designed for AIKA.

As recognised by the leading European higher education experts, over the past few years, Latvia has made progress in the quality assessment in higher education. One of the examples is the fact that AIKA has become a member of the ENQA and EQAR, thus convincing the AIC that also the visual identity of AIKA requires changes that comply with the contemporary requirements.

“A new logo has been created for AIKA. It consists of the abbreviation of the agency, whereas the letter “i” has been replaced by a stylised lighthouse, which is associated with the activities of the agency. The blue colour of the logo of AIKA symbolises reliability, continuity, and determination. The new visual identity is already seen on the new website of AIKA, and currently it is being placed in all visual materials of AIKA,” points out Jolanta Silka, the Deputy Head of AIKA.

The new website of AIKA – www.aika.lv

The Quality Agency for Higher Education (AIKA) is a department of the AIC, which, in the past four years, has ensured not only the quality assessment in higher education, but also quality enhancement and the organisation of seminars and conferences by involving all stakeholders, and it has participated in the exchange of experience at international level, in order to improve the quality assessment system and the performance of the agency. AIKA is a member of the ENQA and EQAR, which is a great motivation to continue to pursue its efforts by developing a dialogue with the higher education institutions, students, and sectoral experts and ensuring the competitiveness of higher education of Latvia.

AIKA commenced its activity on 1 July 2015 as an agency of the Academic Information Centre (AIC). It lies within the competence of AIKA to organise the accreditation of the institutions of higher education and study directions, and the licensing of study programmes, as well as to fulfil other tasks related to the quality assurance in higher education.

The visual identity and the website have been created and improved within the framework of the European Social Funds project “Support for Meeting the Requirements Set for EQAR Agency”.