Vision, Mission and Values



Quality agency for higher education is trustful and internationally recognized, it contributes to the continuous quality enhancement of higher education in Latvia and takes active role in quality assurance processes of the European and global higher education area.


The Quality Agency for Higher Education:

  • Promotes the improvement of quality of Latvian higher education and contributes to the development of quality culture and its maintenance in accordance with the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area;
  • Carries out the expertise and provides reliable information on higher education quality assessment and development/improvement issues;
  • It is a credible partner of HEIs, policy makers, existing and potential students and other stakeholders in Latvia and abroad;
  • Its high reputation is provided by the professionalism of employees and experts, accumulated experience in the change management processes of  higher education in Europe, including in Eastern and Central Europe.


  • Integrity:

The Agency in its activities, in the implementation of its functions and tasks ensures the independence, transparency, neutrality, justification and professionalism that is provided by adequate selection of staff and experts, as well as predefined procedures.

  • Competence:

 The implemented quality of the Agency’s functions and tasks is ensured by appropriate competence of its staff and selected experts, accumulated local and international experience, as well as the continuous competence development.

  • Cooperation:

The activities of the Agency, its brand and reputation is based on effective cooperation in quality assurance in higher education with stakeholders at local and international level.